Vasyl Lomachencko Vs Jorge Linares Preview

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Saturday May 12th Vasyl Lomachenko (10-1, 8 KO) is moving up to Lightweight to face Jorge Linares (44-3, 27 KO) at Madison Square Garden in New York. This will be an amazing fight. The style matchup alone will be electrifying to watch, and this fight may have the potential to be fight of the year for 2018

Jorge Linares

Age : 32

Record: 44W-4L

KO 27

Height: 5’8”

Reach: 69”

Stance: Orthodox


One thing for certain, Jorge Linares has tons of experience. Since losing a lightweight title shot at Staples Center in 2011, Linares,  has won 13 consecutive bouts. Even though the foes that Linares defeated were not as elite as Lomachenko, I think back to Orlando Salido vs Lomachenko in 2014. Salido used his experience (and dirty tactics) to outsmart Lomachenko for a decision win.

Linares underrated counter punching ability and speed could make things difficult for Lomachenko at times. If he uses his pressure to make lomachenko fight on his back foot (Which is extremely difficult to do against Lomachenko) he could neutralize Lomachenko footwork at times.  

Linares, 32, has won seven straight lightweight title fights and had more world title fights (13) than Lomachenko has had professional fights, and yet Linares is the underdog in this fight.

Vasyl Lomachenko

Age: 30

Record: 10W-1L

KO: 8

Height: 5’7”

Reach 65 ½”

Stance: Southpaw


Vasyl Lomachenko is one of the biggest and brilliant talent in boxing right now period. Even though he had his one loss against the rugged Orlando Salido 4 years ago, Lomackenko’s last 4 fights saw him make 4 fighters quit on the stool (hence the “NoMasChenko” nick name). When you think about any boxers that have the ability to break down opponents mentally, you should look no further than to Vasyl Lomachenko. Watch clips of Lomachenko past fights, and you’ll quickly see why Lomachenko is who they say he is, and not just another hype job.    

As for the fight, Linares experience in the ring may make him resilient and can perhaps enable him go the full 12 rounds against Lomachenko, but one thing is known: Linares never fought against an elite opponent like Vasyl Lomachencko.  

One of Lomachenko’s main strength is his footwork and mobility. This will play a huge role in Lomachencko gameplan because Linares will be offensive minded in this fight. Lomachenko will need his defense as Linares will attempt to crank up the pressure against Lomachenko at will.  It will be very interesting to see, after a couple of rounds from the first bell, who would be the aggressor enforcing ring generalship.

Lomachenko possesses world class defensive abilities. Combining his fleeting footwork, slick upper body movements, deadly reflexes, matrix style-reactions, as well as his ability to move around the ring so fluidly due to his incredible mobility and balance, he will make it extremely difficult for Linares to land his shots.  

One thing for certain. Lomachenko Is driven to leave a legacy in boxing.  He wants to fight the best. He has an Amateur record of 365 wins and only 1 loss (you don’t even make any money in the amateur). He’s #1 pound-for-pound boxer on most people’s pound-for-pound list. His passion for boxing is wildfire.

My prediction:

It will be a great fight However, I don’t see Linares out pacing or out-working Lomachenko. He never fought the style Lomachenko delivers. I have Lomachenko stopping Linares 9th round by

Leave your comments and let me know your thoughts and your prediction!

Author: Allan Blackett
Instagram: @allan_blackett

Anthony Joshua Vs Joseph Parker Preview

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We have an epic showdown between Heavyweights Anthony Joshua (20-0; 20KO) and Joseph Parker (24-0; 18KO). The fight will be taken place at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

Anthony Joshua

Born: 1989-10-15 / age 28
Stance: orthodox
Height: 6′ 6″ / 198cm
Reach: 82″ / 208cm
Pro record: 20W(20KO) / 0L

Anthony Joshua is continuing his path towards becoming undisputed in the Heavyweight division. In this fight, If he dominates Joseph Parker, he clearly solidifies himself as the number one guy in the Heavyweight division.
Joshua only really had two people test him as a pro. The first was Dillian Whyte in 2015, where Whyte pushed Joshua to the seventh round. It was the first time Joshua got his gas tank tested. The second, was against Wladimir Klitschko last April. A true test for Joshua, he ended up rallying and stopping Klitschko in the 11th round in an amazing fashion.
For this fight against Parker, the only concern I have of AJ is his weight and how it affects his performance in the ring. Against Klitschko, he looked very good, very lean, very sharp, the best we have seen him. When he faced Carlos Takam, he looked bulky, heavy, and a bit sluggish. He will need to have good cardio against Parker if he is willing to box efficiently and effectively for potentially 12 rounds.
AJ being the taller and longer fighter, he will need to keep his distance and keep Parker at the end of his jab. AJ needs to exercise a bit of patience but still be aggressive when he needs to. By making effective use of his movements as well as his superior counter punching ability he can attain victory.

Joseph Parker

Born: 1992-01-09 / age 26
Stance: orthodox
Height: 6′ 4″ / 193cm
Reach: 76″ / 193cm
Pro record: 24W(18KO) / 0L

Everyone thinks AJ’s going to smash Parker down by the 4th/5th round.
I disagree.
Parker is going to look better than he’s ever been, in a long time.
The reason I say this, is because Parker has been hurt in his last three fights. He has been struggling through nagging injuries – in fact he had surgery on both elbows last November to correct long-standing injuries.
On top of that in the past, Parker always weighed between 240lbs to 250lbs. He was always slow and sluggish, and that’s mainly because of his health issues. Coming into this fight, he should be looking a lot better that we’d ever seen him.
Parker may have an height and reach disadvantage against AJ however, He fought several tall oppositions: Hughie Fury (6 ft 6 in), Alexander Dimitrenko (6 ft 7 in), Răzvan Cojanu (6 ft 8 in). That’s not to say any of those fighters are at the skill level of Anthony Joshua. It was very very great preparation for now Joseph Parker against AJ.

Parker needs to constantly apply pressure against AJ. As I stated earlier, Aj’s Achilles heel may be his cardio. However, Parker absolutely cannot get into a slugfest with Aj. That is a death sentence for Parker. When AJ fought Klitschko, even though Klitschko tried to bring it to AJ, AJ still have the bigger punches, and knocked down Klitschko. Parker does not have the high-power to be able to stand and trade against AJ.
This should not be too much of a concern for Parker, as he likes to move in angles, moves laterally and applies his footwork well. He utilizes his combinations and goes to the body proficiently, and he has shown to have a good chin.

My prediction:

A lot of people think this is going to be a pushover of a fight. I am not convinced myself. I think this is going to be a quality heavyweight battle.
I have Anthony Joshua winning via 12 rounds decision.
Side note: If Parker comes in weighing 245lb and over, my bet is on AJ to close this fight within 6 rounds. If Parker shows up between 235lbs to 240lbs, we have a fight here ladies and gentlemen.

Leave your comments and let me know your thoughts and your prediction!

Author: Allan Blackett
Instagram: @allan_blackett

Vasily Lomachenk - Post Share Image

Vasily Lomachenko – A Great Story by ESPN

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A very interesting story told by ESPN Mark Kriegel about the life of Vasily Lomachenko just before his fight with Rigondeaux. Please read the original article below.

A father's touch: The relentless regimen of Vasiliy Lomachenko

OXNARD, Calif. -- The training of Ukrainian Vasiliy Lomachenko -- conceived, orchestrated and monitored by his father, with an assist from a psychologist trained in cognitive behaviorism -- is famously idiosyncratic. It includes street skating and juggling, handstands and tennis, which Lomachenko often plays solo, sprinting around the net to return his own lobs.

Three Tips To Increase Your Punch Power

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Three tips to increase your punch power - Boxing News

Olympic bronze medallist Tony Jeffries' essential advice for punch power Olympic bronze medallist Tony Jeffries' essential advice for punch power WHO doesn't want to punch hard? I think no matter whether you're a world class boxer, a mother of three or eight-year-old kid, if you were given the choice to be able to punch harder, you'd choose it, right?

Amateur Boxing: Success in the boxing ring

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Amateur Boxing Card at Phoenix Concert Hall Toronto. June 10, 2017.

Brock Arthur and Dylan Stainthorpe of Durham Boxing Academy have recently won awards presented during an amateur boxing card held by Chosen Promotions on June 10 2017 at the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto, ON. Stainthorpe won “The Best Male Boxer Award” at the 2017 Golden Gloves for the second time, while Brock Arthur was name the most valuable coach for 2016. Kyle McLaughlin and Sarah Lo also fought for the boxing gym in exhibition matches for this show.