We reach the finale of this seasons World Boxing Super Series. We have the biggest fight in cruiserweight history happening this Saturday July 21st at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia. This is arguably the biggest boxing match of this year.  

We have Oleksandr Usyk (14-0, 11 KOs) facing Murat Gassiev (26-0-1, 19 KOs) for the inaugural Muhammad Ali Trophy, will compete for millions of dollars, and will be unifying all four major title belts (WBA, WBO, IBF, WBC).

Oleksandr Usyk

Record: (14-0, 11 KOs)

Born: 1987-01-17 / age 31

Nationality: Ukraine

Stance: Southpaw

Height: 6′ 3″   / 190cm

Reach: 78″   / 198cm


One of the things I noticed about Oleksandr Usyk is how his style compares similarly to Vasyl Lomachenko. This should come as no surprise as both fighters are trained under Anatoly Lomachenko who is Vasyl’s father.  Both Vasyl and Oleksandr participated in the Olympics in the past and won many gold medals.

This says a lot on how Usyk was able to dispatch his past opponents efficiently and effectively.  For a 200lbs Cruiserweight, Usyk moves very well. He is a high-pressure fighter and is not afraid to bring the fight to you.  

Usyk fights in a way where he likes to drown his opponent with his pressure. What I mean by this, He is always in front of his opponent applying pressure. Utilizing his footwork, steps out of the way when the opponent gets aggressive, but never back off too much to give his opponent any room.

He likes to make his opponent uncomfortable and throw off his rhythm. If you got a guy constantly throwing punches at you, and you’re always defending trying to find a way to counter but you’re hitting nothing but gloves, arm, or air, you will tend to get tired. Mentally you’ll also start to break down. This is what I mean by drowning. The main point is, Usyk Is a relentless fighter. He is capable of maintaining his pressure well into the late rounds. This may be a huge advantage against a fighter like Gassiev who will bring the fight to Usyk during the entire fight.  

Murat Gassiev

Record: (26-0-1, 19 KOs)

Born: 1993-10-12 / age 24

Nationality: Russia

Stance: orthodox

Height: 6′ 3½″   / 192cm

Reach: 76″   / 193cm


One of the things that concerns me of Gassiev for this fight, is his inexperience especially in the amateurs only having 25 amateur fights.    


Gassiev have underrated power. Underrated. It should be noted that Gassiev trains under Abel Sanchez, who is the trainer of middleweight Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin.

*As a side note, we can see that both Murat Gassiev and Oleksandr Usyk have very good trainers on their side. This will play a huge factor in fight preparations and strategies comes the fight.

Getting back to Gassiev, when he last fought Yunier Dorticos, there was that left hook that knocked down Dorticos the second time but the crazy thing was, Dorticos put his hands up. He blocked that punch. But since Dorticos was gassed and soften up, Gassiev punch blew right past Dorticos guard and ended him. The point is Gassiev power is no joke and should not be taken lightly.

Gassiev also have a ton of heart. He has the ability to increase his pressure going into the late rounds. Usyk fights in that same way. Going into the late rounds of this fight, there could be fireworks set off but don’t be surprised if Murat Gassiev land a solid punch on Usyk for a flash knockdown.

My Prediction

Usyk has fought many fighters on a global level. His Amateur record is partially over 100 fights. Gassiev barely had an amateur career consisting of only about 25 fights. This means a lot.

Still, I believe this is definitely going a full 12 rounds. Like I said, Gassiev has underrated power and hits like a tank. For this fight, anything can happen. At anytime there could be a flash knockdown. These are two big fighters.

For my prediction, I have Oleksandr Usyk winning a decisive 12 rounds decision win against Gassiev.

Author: Allan Blackett
Instagram: @allan_blackett

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