June 9th we have a Welterweight (147lbs) faceoff between Jeff “The Hornet” Horn, and Terrence “Bud” Crawford. Jeff Horn will make his second defence of the 147lbs WBO Welterweight title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, while Terrence Crawford will be moving up from Junior-Welterweight (140lbs) to attempt to take Jeff Horn’s belt.

Terrence Crawford

Born: 1987-09-28 / age 30

Nationality: USA

Stance: orthodox

Height: 5′ 8″   / 173cm

Reach: 70″   / 178cm

Terrence Crawford defeated Julius Indongo by 3rd round knockout last August to become the undisputed 140lbs Junior Welterweight champion of the world holding all the four major sanctioning belts. Terrence Crawford decided to vacate all his Junior Welterweight titles and move up to Welterweight to face Jeff Horn for his WBO Welterweight title.

Although many consider Terrence Crawford as #1 P4P amongst the die-hard fans, He is still not getting as much recognition for his accomplishments then he should.

Terrence Crawford is a solid boxer. Crawford’s ability to move fluidly and switch stances from orthodox to southpaw is elite.  Crawford is very smart in the ring. He has many techniques, combinations, set-ups, and variations in his arsenal. He has the ability to utilize what is needed to win his fights.

One of Crawford’s most effective skill, is his counterpunching. He will hang back and allow his opponents to lead.

Like Sun Tzu art of war: “we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near”.

Terrence Crawford’s main strength, is his high boxing IQ, possibly rival Floyd Mayweather. Crawford makes his opponent think that they have the advantage, that they have the upper hand.  However, Crawford will make them miss their punches through head movement, foot movement, or other types of defenses. Once his opponent misses, they usually find themselves off balance and exposed. Showing weakness, Crawford happily capitalize again and again until his opponent is broken down. When Terrence Crawford figures you out, he will adjust and fight much more viciously.

Jeff Horn

Born: 1988-02-04 / age 30

Nationality: Australia

Stance: orthodox

Height: 5′ 9″   / 175cm

Reach: 68″   / 173cm

Jeff Horn held the WBO Welterweight title since 2017. He last fought Manny Pacquiao and won a controversial decision. Jeff Horn shown heart from that fight although Pacquiao is past his prime.  Pacquiao still gave a beating to Jeff Horn, but Horn was able to hang in there and bang out with one of the best. We should give Jeff Horn some credit.

Another Issue with Jeff Horn is, He is prone to get cut easily. Against Manny Pacquiao he suffered bad cuts and bruises at the end of that fight. Recently When he was sparring for his fight against Terrence Crawford, he suffered a cut again. Going into this fight against Crawford, if Crawford lands a well solid punch to Jeff Horn’s face, Crawford could open up some cuts and the ref could stop the fight. So Jeff Horn will need to be careful.

Jeff will be coming into this fight a bigger man since Crawford will be moving up in weight from 140lbs to 147lbs. In terms of power, Jeff Horn may have the slight advantage but Horn will have to fight smart and don’t allow Crawford to get off his shots. He has to continuously dish out combinations that will upset Crawford’s style, but not get countered by Crawford.  


This will be a competitive fight. In my opinion though I believe Terrence Crawford is way too smart for Jeff Horn. This will not be a slug fest or a brawl. This will be a controlled, technical bout with Crawford letting Jeff Horn throw his punches, maybe give Jeff Horn a round or two before putting him away. Also, I wouldn’t be surprise if Jeff Horn is stopped due to cuts on his face.

I have Terrence Crawford winning a 4th round knockout victory against Jeff Horn.

Side note:

Errol Spence Jr., who is the IBF Welterweight champion, could be regarded as the #1 guy in the Welterweight division. Both Errol Spence and Terrence Crawford had expressed interest in fighting each other late this year. If this fight happens, we would see a great super-fight in the welterweight division happening.




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