Saturday May 12th Vasyl Lomachenko (10-1, 8 KO) is moving up to Lightweight to face Jorge Linares (44-3, 27 KO) at Madison Square Garden in New York. This will be an amazing fight. The style matchup alone will be electrifying to watch, and this fight may have the potential to be fight of the year for 2018

Jorge Linares

Age : 32

Record: 44W-4L

KO 27

Height: 5’8”

Reach: 69”

Stance: Orthodox


One thing for certain, Jorge Linares has tons of experience. Since losing a lightweight title shot at Staples Center in 2011, Linares,  has won 13 consecutive bouts. Even though the foes that Linares defeated were not as elite as Lomachenko, I think back to Orlando Salido vs Lomachenko in 2014. Salido used his experience (and dirty tactics) to outsmart Lomachenko for a decision win.

Linares underrated counter punching ability and speed could make things difficult for Lomachenko at times. If he uses his pressure to make lomachenko fight on his back foot (Which is extremely difficult to do against Lomachenko) he could neutralize Lomachenko footwork at times.  

Linares, 32, has won seven straight lightweight title fights and had more world title fights (13) than Lomachenko has had professional fights, and yet Linares is the underdog in this fight.

Vasyl Lomachenko

Age: 30

Record: 10W-1L

KO: 8

Height: 5’7”

Reach 65 ½”

Stance: Southpaw


Vasyl Lomachenko is one of the biggest and brilliant talent in boxing right now period. Even though he had his one loss against the rugged Orlando Salido 4 years ago, Lomackenko’s last 4 fights saw him make 4 fighters quit on the stool (hence the “NoMasChenko” nick name). When you think about any boxers that have the ability to break down opponents mentally, you should look no further than to Vasyl Lomachenko. Watch clips of Lomachenko past fights, and you’ll quickly see why Lomachenko is who they say he is, and not just another hype job.    

As for the fight, Linares experience in the ring may make him resilient and can perhaps enable him go the full 12 rounds against Lomachenko, but one thing is known: Linares never fought against an elite opponent like Vasyl Lomachencko.  

One of Lomachenko’s main strength is his footwork and mobility. This will play a huge role in Lomachencko gameplan because Linares will be offensive minded in this fight. Lomachenko will need his defense as Linares will attempt to crank up the pressure against Lomachenko at will.  It will be very interesting to see, after a couple of rounds from the first bell, who would be the aggressor enforcing ring generalship.

Lomachenko possesses world class defensive abilities. Combining his fleeting footwork, slick upper body movements, deadly reflexes, matrix style-reactions, as well as his ability to move around the ring so fluidly due to his incredible mobility and balance, he will make it extremely difficult for Linares to land his shots.  

One thing for certain. Lomachenko Is driven to leave a legacy in boxing.  He wants to fight the best. He has an Amateur record of 365 wins and only 1 loss (you don’t even make any money in the amateur). He’s #1 pound-for-pound boxer on most people’s pound-for-pound list. His passion for boxing is wildfire.

My prediction:

It will be a great fight However, I don’t see Linares out pacing or out-working Lomachenko. He never fought the style Lomachenko delivers. I have Lomachenko stopping Linares 9th round by

Leave your comments and let me know your thoughts and your prediction!

Author: Allan Blackett
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